Why not get your wiring projects done right now – while your office is emptier than usual?

We’ve all been reeling from the effects of COVID, social distancing, and economic uncertainty. But let’s take a moment to really consider our nation and the good qualities of the United States. Let’s focus on one truth that we’ve seen play out time and time again in our nation’s history: in times of turmoil and struggle we eventually rise up and work together to create a strong economy and come out on top.

So even though times are tougher now than they’ve been in a long time, remember that it won’t always be this way. At some point we’ll be coming out of all this mess, business will pick up, and we’ll be back to pursuing the American Dream. Things may never look the same as they did before this pandemic, but we know that we will always be marching forward.

Of course it’s hard to predict what will happen and when.  While you may not be feeling optimistic enough to take on huge construction projects, now is the perfect time for a little office maintenance that will make coming into the next season of business a smoother transition.

5 Cabling Projects To Consider During The COVID Pandemic:

  1. It’s the perfect time to clean up a messy server room. Many employees have taken their work home, but eventually they will come back to the office. In response to changing staff and locations, a neat and tidy server room can accommodate relocating employees easily. Having an emptier office makes it easier to take down messy wiring and install it properly.
  2. With offices emptier than usual, adding surveillance cameras is a wise decision for any business. If your office looks empty most of the time it could make you an easy target for vandalism, theft, or employee misconduct. Consider adding surveillance cameras so you can monitor what’s going on from your home office.
  3. As staffing needs fluctuate with the changes in business, you may need to relocate phone and data wiring. Unfortunately, many companies may face downsizing or restructuring decisions. If you’re moving cubicles or employee worktations to consolidate or reconfigure office space, you may need to make changes to your office wiring.
  4. Adding or improving WAPs throughout your office can help staff transition back into the workplace. As the situation continues to evolve, having adequate wireless access points throughout your office can help employees get to work quickly if they’re visiting the office or starting to move back in. Use this time to get those WAP’s installed for maximum efficiency.
  5. Upgrading or changing your network configuration is easier in an empty office. If you already had plans to make changes to your server room or network configurations, now is the perfect time to get that done. You won’t have to worry about scheduling work after hours if your office is emptier than usual. Be diligent now in preparing your business for whatever lies ahead.


We hope we’ve helped you in some way to prepare your business for this ever changing situation. If you need any telecom services please reach out to us. You’ll get the best prices with us and the highest quality of work. We want to help you get through this time any way we can. We’re in this together.


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