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New Life Telecom is an expert in patch panel wiring and full structured cabling for commercial companies located throughout the greater Sacramento, CA region.

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Patch Panel Wiring

What Is A Patch Panel?

A patch panel is hardware that is usually installed in your network server room and consists of panels of jacks that are typically mounted to a metal frame. 


The panels are like double sided jacks. Coming into the back of the panel are the data cables that have been run throughout your building. They are gathered here behind your patch panel and wired into the jacks. 


On the front of the panel are more jacks. Patch cords (short network cables with jacks on either end) will plug into these jacks. The opposite ends will plug into your network equipment. 

This will complete the connection between the end point of the cabling (i.e. the jack at your computer desk) to the network equipment. This allows you to plug in a computer at your desk and connect to the internet and your local area network.


Your low voltage contractor will install your patch panel as part of your network cabling installation.

network patch panel wiring
Patch panels can be configured in many different ways. They make organizing data connections within your business easy to maintain and change.
sacramento network patch panel installer new life telecom
Network data wiring begins here at the back of the patch panel. These wires get pulled through your building to connect to individual workstations.
patch panel wiring done by new life telecom in roseville ca
Here you can see the individual wires in each ethernet cable wired into the jack in the patch panel.

How Do Patch Panels Work?

Patch panels give you an easy way to connect the data lines from their locations throughout your building to your network connection. 


If you only have one or two data cables coming into your network room from within your building, you might not be using a patch panel. In this case, you can plug your cables directly into your modem, router, or switch.


However, there are reasons why most offices use a patch panel. 
network patch panel wiring sacramento roseville citrus heights folsom new life telecom
Smaller offices may opt for a smaller patch panel until their businesses require more connections.

3 Things Network Patch Panels Are Used For:

  1. Patch panels can be configured with enough ports for all the computers in your office. Initially, growing businesses will run out of ports on their network equipment and need to upgrade to a patch panel and switch. They can also leave room for additional port interfaces to be added to the rack later on, to allow for future growth.
  2. Additionally, patch panels help minimize damage to your internal cabling. For example, imagine that you have a long cable run from your reception desk in the front of your office to the server room in the back of the office. If that cable is terminated with a jack that plugs directly into your modem or router, you may end up unplugging and moving that cable often. Doing this could potentially damage that long cable run and require an entirely new run, or patch job. Using a patch panel allows you to replace just the short cable running from the panel to your network equipment in the case of damage.
  3. Finally, patch panels also help you make quick changes to ports and locations. This can become a necessity when using certain types of phone systems when employees are often moving desks or your are implementing new conference room solutions. It can also help you troubleshoot issues with your wiring. If you have an employee with connection problems, a patch panel – when labeled properly – will tell you exactly which cable provides that location’s connection and you can troubleshoot accordingly. Without a patch panel, you wouldn’t know which cable was run to which desk.

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Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Patch Panel

The most common mistake businesses make when purchasing a patch panel is not thinking about future growth. Even if you don’t want to buy extra patch panels that you don’t currently need, it’s wise to create the space for them if you anticipate your business growing over the years. Purchase a rack large enough to house all the patch panels you might need in the future. This allows you to purchase patch panels one at a time as you need them. It’s much easier to add them to empty space in your network rack than it is to upgrade to a new, larger rack. Such a task would require rewiring your patch panel for the new rack.

Another common mistake when choosing a patch panel, is purchasing one in the cheapest category. You might not anticipate it, but most patch panels in this category end up breaking down over a short time, and their jacks break easily during install. We have been called out to jobs to replace entire rows of jacks in low quality patch panels because they are quite literally disintegrating after only a couple of years.

It’s wise to invest a little in your network infrastructure which plays such a crucial role to your business. Replacing patch panels a year or two after install will cost much more than an upgrade to a better quality patch panel for your initial purchase.

network patch panel wiring cleanup in sacramento by new life telecom
Patch panels can quickly become messy and confusing if they're not planned out properly. Design your patch panel for plenty of space for future grown and changes to avoid this.
network patch panel wiring by new life telecom in sacramento
A professional patch panel wiring job doesn't only look organized and tidy. A properly wired patch panel can limit damage to your cabling and make understanding and organizing your network easier.

How To Choose The Right Network Patch Panel

  • Make sure you choose a patch panel that matches the type of wiring used in your building. For example, if you’re using Cat6e cabling throughout, make sure your patch panel is rated for Cat6e. If you have different types of cabling in your building, choose panels that allow for each type.
  • You will also need to choose how your patch panel will be mounted. Rack mounts are an excellent choice for server rooms and can accommodate various types of network equipment. However, you also have the option of wall mounted patch panels and even surface box mounts for very small offices.
  • Stick to a trusted brand like Leviton, which offers the added bonus of an extended warranty. Avoid patch panels that are considerably cheaper as you will likely only get a year or two of use out of them.
patch panel wiring sacramento
Every company has unique needs for their network patch panels. Let New Life Telecom design the best configuration for your business.

What Tools Are Needed To Install & Wire A Patch Panel

To wire patch panel cables, you’ll need a cable stripper, cable cutters, and a jack rapid cable punch. There are many tutorials online to learn how to do your own patch panel wiring, but it’s certainly not for everyone.


Patch panels and patch panel wiring is most often installed by a low voltage professional cabling technician. These pros know the ins and outs of cabling, jacks, and patch panels which can save a ton of time in wiring your patch panel.


If you’re interested in patch panel wiring and you want to be able to do some of it yourself, you can certainly learn. Along with the tools mentioned above, you’ll also need basic tools to attach the patch panels to the frame. Keep in mind, however, that patch panels can easily sustain damage during install or even have defective jacks. A low voltage contractor will have testing tools to ensure proper connections from end point to server room, and be able to make repairs and adjustments needed on the spot.

sacramento low voltage company new life telecom wiring of network patch panel
While you can technically install your own patch panel, a low voltage professional like New Life Telecom can save you time and money with a professional install.

Can You Reuse A Patch Panel?

You can absolutely reuse an old patch panel in good condition – just watch out for these common problems. First, keep an eye out for pins that may have been damaged inside of the jacks. If you are installing a used patch panel, go through and test each jack to make sure it’s functional. A low voltage tech can do this quickly with their equipment.


Secondly, hard to see fragments of wire can get stuck in the connections in the back of the panel. When a new wire is punched on top of those fragments, you can experience connection problems. Use a magnifier to check each connection, and carefully remove any wire fragments with tweezers. Again, a low voltage company can do this with ease and minimal damage.

patch panel wiring sacramento
Reusing a patch panel is doable, but risky. Hire a low voltage company like New Life Telecom to help you save money and test the patch panel.

Does Fiber Optic Cabling Use A Patch Panel?

The short answer, is almost never. Fiber optic cabling is used in a completely different way in your network infrastructure. It serves as backbone cabling, not cabling that goes out to individual desks and work areas. In some cases, you may have fiber termination and housing equipment that gets mounted in the same area as your patch panel. Fiber optic cable is very delicate and can be easily damaged, so it is treated in a special way. Read more about fiber optic network cabling.

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