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Many companies local to the great Sacramento, CA region rely on New Life Telecom for their Conference Rooms and Cable Management.

If your business needs cabling and installation in your conference room and some help with cable management, New Life Telecom can help. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you with your conference room setup.

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When To Hire A Low Voltage Tech

For Your Conference Room Cable Management

A low voltage technician provides many services to help you set up a conference room that exactly matches the needs of your company. A good low voltage company will provide cabling for data cables, HDMI and video cables, as well as audio/visual cabling. They will mount TV’s for your video conferencing and company presentations, as well as install your conferencing cameras and ceiling microphones. To optimize your conference room cable management and save considerable money in the process, hire a quality low voltage contractor like New Life Telecom.

While it may sound like anyone can perform these tasks, a licensed and experienced low voltage contractor who cares about detail – and your company’s success – will ensure that you avoid costly and time consuming mistakes in your company’s conference room.

There are many considerations when it comes to working in a conference room that really need to be thought out before you start. How many TVs will you need mounted? Will you need an HDMI cable or other cabling run to your conference room table? Will you run the cables through a trench in the cement floor, use flat cables under the carpet, or use a surface run with rubber or metal molding? Did you know this last option needs to be chosen carefully to ensure ADA compliance?

A great low voltage company who has been in the industry for decades can save you tens of thousands of dollars by making sure you don’t make costly mistakes you may not have anticipated. New Life Telecom has been helping companies construct and reconfigure their conference rooms for years, and we’ve seen it all! Better yet, we’ve been able to help countless companies through many different situations – from fixing bad installs done by previous companies, to bringing a professional install to a quirky office building or room layout.

Conference Room Cable Management

If you’ve ever tried to set up a conference room situation in a hurry, you know the pain of managing cables everywhere. When it comes to conference room cable management, hiring a low voltage contractor is a must. There are many products and techniques that can discreetly hide cabling – and bring ultimate functionality and professionalism to your conference room. 


The other advantage to hiring an experienced low voltage company like New Life Telecom, is that we are well versed and experienced with the myriad of situations that arise in a conference room. We’ve done many installs in which the customer has not thought about how they will access their equipment if a change needs to be made. We anticipate these problems by suggesting the proper TV mounts and floor and table cable monuments to allow for all the customer’s future needs without spending unnecessary money on unrealistic equipment.

conference room cable management tips and tricks
Managing conference room cables can be a tricky business. Hiding cables from plain sight is only half the battle. You need them accessible for future changes and they also need to be protected from damage.

What cabling do you need for conference room cable management?

  • Data cables (Cat5, Fiber Optic Network Cabling, etc.) for POE phones, Data jacks, streaming boxes, etc.
  • Audio cables for video conferencing microphones and speakers
  • Video cables (HDMI, etc) for TV’s / projectors
  • Data cabling for wireless access points (WAPs)

Audio / Visual Equipment For Your Conference Room

Conference rooms have changed significantly over the years. We have evolved beyond hard wired telephone lines and projectors. Now, conference room solutions take the shape of more audio/visual involved configurations. Companies are exchanging their old projectors for smart TV’s and streaming boxes. They’re pivoting from using land line communications to more advanced video conferencing systems.

In fact, video conferencing systems have become extremely advanced recently – and that’s great timing for the hybrid conference room situations many companies find themselves in post-pandemic.

With video cameras and microphones that use AI technology to track and narrow in on active speakers, many video conferencing systems are making it easier than ever for companies to connect in person employees to those working from home.

Smart cameras can use artificial intelligence to enable ‘active’ speaker tracking, which recognizes facial movements and gestures to better detect who is speaking during a meeting.”  Tony Oquendo, CDW

We do see, however, that because of this leap in advancement of video conferencing equipment, many companies are experiencing challenges when choosing the right equipment for their needs. These systems are marketed both to commercial companies for in office use as well as those working from home in a residential environment. Therefore, it’s critical to choose the right equipment for the high demands of office use. 

find the right conference room equipment for your business
Finding the right video conferencing equipment for your conference room is a balance between budget and necessary features. Your low voltage tech can help you navigate the options.

How Do You Hide Cables In A Conference Room?

A carefully thought out combination of trenches, conduits, molding, wireless options, and monuments work together for the best ways to hide cables in your conference room. An experienced and meticulous low voltage technician can expertly design the appropriate techniques and products for the best functionality and professional look in the most important room in your office.

You might think that hiding cables in your conference room is as simple as buying a clever piece to install in your conference room table, but there’s much more that goes into it. Think first about what types of cables you need for every purpose in your conference room. Do you need Cat5 cables for your POE conferencing phone as part of your VoIP system?? Data jacks for your guests to plug in or is your wi-fi signal strong enough for them to connect to? Do you want any guest to be able to easily connect their device to your smart TV or streaming box via an HDMI cable? Do you need speakers and microphones installed in your ceiling? 

Next, think carefully about where those cables are coming from. Draw a diagram if it helps you visualize all that’s involved, including your server room, equipment, and network patch panel. The infrastructure of your network cabling installation  throughout your building can have important impacts on your conference room wiring. This is where hiring a great low voltage contractor really helps – they will get those cables from point A to point B in the most professional and concealed way. 

tips for hiding cables in a conference room
Your low voltage technician can put the right pieces together for hiding cables in a conference room while allowing for maximum functionality. Here, ADA compliant metal molding is used to run cables in a surface run into a flooring monument which provides access to both power and low voltage cabling.

7 Important Considerations For Conference Room Solutions

  1. What type of TV mounts are best for your projected uses?
  2. Where are start and end points for audio, visual, and data cables?
  3. Are there any special construction issues for running cables to where you want them to be?
  4. What type of video conferencing equipment will you use? 
  5. Do you need a tracking camera or tracking microphones?
  6. Will guests and employees connect to your video displays via HDMI cable, smart TV connection, or streaming box?
  7. Do you wish all cables to be hidden and use a tidy monument built into the conference room table?

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cable management in conference rooms include tv mounts
It's important to consider your cabling that runs from your conferencing displays. If you want guests to be able to plug in an hdmi cable that displays directly to your tv, you'll need to run those cables with your tv install. Also, avoid the big mistake of using a mount that doesn't provide enough clearance to access the back of the tv. It's always better in the long run to invest in a mount that pulls away from the wall for maintenance.
video conference room solutions
If your conference room design includes multiple displays, consider the quality and reputation of your low voltage tech carefully. While it might seem like hanging two TVs so they line up perfectly is easy, this is much harder than it sounds. Choose a company that is particular about the details like New Life Telecom.

Modern Conference Room Solutions For A Changing Workplace

In response to pandemic initiated sweeping changes in the professional work environment, it’s no wonder that a majority of companies are rethinking their conference room designs. Many companies are exchanging a stuffy, boxed overall design for a more relaxed setup that caters to a diverse workforce. 

“The conference room is increasingly breaking out of its traditional rectangle. And in many cases, it has become smaller, as meetings get less formal and new hybrid work patterns mean that fewer people are physically present for them.”  Jane Margolies, New York Times

These new trends in conference room design have prompted the use of new products, design, and innovation in low voltage contracting. We are seeing an increased demand for audio/visual cabling in the professional office environment. Experienced low voltage companies like New Life Telecom now offer more advanced cabling for new types of products and cable management systems that meet the quickly changing conference room industry. We have even seen an increase in office surveillance cameras being used in innovative applications to bring cohesiveness throughout the workplace.

Choose New Life Telecom For Your Conference Room Cable Management Projects

When planning new construction of your office’s conference room, or redesigning and reconfiguring an existing conference room for your business’ changing needs, it’s important to plan ahead and hire someone who can help you avoid costly mistakes. Conference room cable management can cause countless issues if you don’t have someone experienced to help out. Contact New Life Telecom, Inc. for your conference room cabling needs in Sacramento and throughout Northern California. We can save you time and money by avoiding common mistakes and making sure your install and configuration is exactly what your company needs for continued success.

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