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Looking for phone system installation near you? Businesses in the greater Sacramento, CA area have trusted New Life Telecom with their business phone systems for decades.

If you’re looking into phone systems for your business, you need an experienced low voltage company to help you determine the best configuration. New Life Telecom is an experienced phone system installer in the greater Sacramento, CA region. We have been helping businesses in Roseville, Citrus Heights, Folsom, Rancho Cordova and Sacramento with their phone system installation, troubleshooting, and changes for decades. Give us a call for a free quote on your phone system needs.

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What are the different types of phone systems used by businesses?

Businesses typically use either a wired phone system, a locally hosted VoIP system, or a cloud hosted VoiP system.

Business phone systems have changed drastically over the last decade. Where it was once common place for businesses to purchase a large phone system that was installed and wired with Cat3 cabling throughout the buildings, these larger cat3 wired phone systems have become the minority.

VoIP (Voice Over IP) systems have now dominated the phone system industry. There are a lot of great reasons why this has happened. Older wired business phone systems required some skill to program and update – often needing a professional to come out to make changes.  If an employee changed desks, the corresponding wires needed to be manually switched in a special patch panel wiring box for the phone system. They were oftentimes a very expensive initial investment.

Cat3 Wired Phone Systems (PBX Phone Sytems)

There are some businesses that still use a Cat3 wired phone system, sometimes referred to as a PBX system. These systems include dedicated hardware that runs the phone system software and needs to be installed and programmed by a technician. To find a tech who can work on physical phone systems, customers require a low voltage company that has been in the industry for quite awhile to troubleshoot and make changes to their systems. If you need phone system repair, please give us a call! We love helping businesses with their wired phone systems because we’ve worked with every brand and are often one of the few companies that can help.

phone system installation and repair for older phones
Before remote hosted VoIP systems, phone systems required cables for each phone number to be punched into a 66 block, pictured.

VoIP Systems

It’s much more common now for businesses to use a VoIP system for their companies. Using IP phones at each desk, a VoIP system allows for much quicker adjustments to voicemail boxes and phone system settings for the company. They also offer better conference room solutions.

VoIP systems use IP phones which are considerably more expensive than their predecessors. In large offices with hundreds of phones this cost can be off putting. However, most companies feel that the benefits and long term savings of VoIP systems are worth the switch.

There are two types of VoIP systems – ones hosted locally onsite, and ones hosted via the cloud by a 3rd party company.

IP phone installed by low voltage company New Life Telecom
The significant advantages of hosted VoIP systems over equipment based phone systems has dramatically changed the phone system industry.

Cloud Hosted VoIP Systems

Many businesses like the convenience of hosting their VoIP system on the cloud and taking advantage of the services that their VoIP company provides. This scenario is typically inexpensive to startup, but requires paying a monthly fee.

Locally Hosted VoIP Systems

An alternative to cloud hosted VoIP is hosting your system locally. This requires a larger initial setup investment, but frees you from the monthly service fee of a cloud hosted system. If your company is considering a  locally hosted VoIP system, you’ll want to make sure you have staff dedicated to the management of the system, like an IT professional.

sacramento phone system repair
IP phones are now commonplace is most businesses, taking the place of physical phone systems.

Power Considerations For VoIP Phone System Wiring

Desk phones used in a VoIP phone system setup are called IP phones. These phones connect to your network through ethernet cables – the same type of cable you’ll use to plug your computer or laptop into your local area network. 

In fact, some setups include daisy chaining your computer through the ethernet connection that passes through your phone.

IP phones receive power through their ethernet connection using POE technology (Power Over Ethernet.) When planning for a VoIP system, you’ll need to ensure you have enough POE ports and that your switch can handle the POE allotment of all your phones and other equipment. Pay careful attention to the POE used by cameras and wireless access points, especially if adding them to your network in the future, ensuring that your switch can handle the loads.

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Who can install a phone jack?

A low voltage company installs phone jacks and the wiring they need to work for your phone system.

For commercial installations, New Life Telecom is happy to provide you with a free quote for all your phone system and network cabling installation needs.

old phone system repair company sacramento
Before VoIP systems dominated the industry, it was commonplace for workstation jacks to include one cat3 jack for the phone and one ethernet jack for the computer.

Who does the actual installation of the telephone equipment?

VoIP phone jacks installation by New Life Telecom in Sacramento
Telephone equipment, wiring, and jacks are installed by low voltage companies like New Life Telecom

Telephone equipment is installed by a low voltage contractor. 

They will install all the wiring your business needs to run your phone system, network, office surveillance cameras, wireless access points and more. If you’re located in the greater Sacramento, CA area and need any business phone system installation and wiring, give us a call. We’re happy to give you a free quote for your business wiring.

New Life Telecom is your business phone system installer.

Whether your business will use a VoIP system, hosted or cloud-based, or a wired phone system, New Life Telecom is the business phone system installer who can help you set up the best system for you. Give us a call for your free quote.

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