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Relocating, Remodeling, or Adding Lines

Server Room Wiring  ->   Voice & Data Cabling   ->  Terminating & Testing Is your office moving or remodeling? You’ll want to hire a telecom company that can handle all the specific requirements of your buildings and help you keep costs low by anticipating your office network cabling needs ahead of time. From moving server room equipment, running new cable, removing old cable, and making sense out extension swapping, New Life Telecom is the telecom technician you can trust to help your move go well. Avoid the moving day panic by hiring a low voltage contractor who can make the transition smooth and painless for all your employees.

Just need to add a couple of phone & data lines?

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Voice & Data Cabling Relocation From Server Room To Termination

From MPOE to termination jack, New Life Telecom will expertly relocate the network wiring for your office. Let us handle the big job of making sure everyone’s phones and data connections are live on move in day.

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Server Room Wiring

We know all the specific challenges you face when you have to relocate the server room equipment due to a remodel or relocation. We can work after hours or on weekends if needed and help you with a smooth transition to your new offices. We’ll help you choose the network racks and patch panels that are best for your new server room and install all your phone and data cables with a 100% PASS rate. We will properly and professionally label all ports and extensions and make all the changes clear. 

Voice & Data Cabling

Whether your voice and data cabling travels through ceilings, conduit, through warehouses, or into cubicles, you can be sure to have neat and professionally installed and dressed cables running through your commercial building. From standard Cat5 and Cat6, to plenum cables and even fiber optics, New Life Telecom will relocate your telecommunications cabling to your new building on time and on budget. We’ll even remove the old cabling from your previous office.

Terminating & Testing

Moving offices can be challenging enough, so make it easier by hiring New Life Telecom as your cabling technician. We terminate, label, and test all our cables with care, so when your employees return to work in their new office, all the phones and data cables will be live and ready to go.  We test and certify each line and port so you can count on a 100% successful installation every time.  

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms can present their own challenges when it comes to wiring them for plenty of phone, data, and A/V configurations. And yet, this is where we really get to show off our attention to detail and care over our work. You want your conference room to really impress both employees and potential clients. We can work with you to install all the voice and data cabling you’ll need and even hang television mounts and other equipment. We’re particular about making telecom cabling look neat, tidy and professional – just what you’ll appreciate in your conference room!

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Hosted Phone System Installation & VoIP

Hosted (On Site) Phone Systems

While many new businesses choose to use a VoIP system for their telephone system management, many businesses still choose an on site hosted phone system. New Life Telecom can assist companies with telephone system management, database creation, etc. Call us today to discuss your phone system needs.


VoIP systems are a great choice for many companies. If you’re not sure where to start and need some help considering a VoIP system, contact New Life Telecom and we’ll be happy to help you through the process.  

Surveillance & A/V

We can expertly install your surveillance camera systems no matter how large or small the job is. We’ll mount your cameras as requested and neatly run all cables needed. We can also handle your A/V cabling and additions. Call us today for a quote.  

Paging Systems

We are experienced and comfortable working in all environments. We can install your paging systems throughout your warehouse, store, or place of business. Lift certified, we safely install whatever is needed to meet your paging requirements.  

Wireless Access Points

We will help you decide on the best positions for your wireless access points to maximize signal strength throughout your business. And since most WAPs are installed where they are visible to employees and guests, you’ll be thankful you hired New Life Telecom to install them. With our attention to detail and our focus on aesthetics, your WAPs will blend as seamlessly as possible into their surrounding environment.