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Complete Structured Cabling Installation

Server Room Wiring  ->   Voice & Data Cabling   ->  Terminating & Testing

You’ve got a project to complete and you need a low voltage contractor to install the phone and data cabling on time and on budget. And if we know anything about you, the last thing you want is to see work incomplete or sloppy after your contractor is long gone. Trust New Life Telecom as your telecom cabling contractor for your next project and you’ll skip the hassle and go straight to on time and complete. No babysitting required.

Voice & Data Cabling Installation From Server Room To Termination

From MPOE to termination jack, New Life Telecom will expertly install the network wiring for your commercial project. We can help you choose the right cabling solutions for your job according to your specific environment. We’ll help you figure out exactly what you’ll need to get the job done by helping you make considerations for plenum environments, runs over maximum distances, adding wireless access points, security systems, cubicles, conduits, etc. With the telecom knowledge and experience you’ll get with New Life Telecom, you’ll save both time and money with an accurate quote that reflects all the specific challenges of your job.

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Server Room Wiring

Your network server room equipment will be expertly installed by New Life Telecom as we acquire and install your desired network racks, patch panels, server room cabling, and any other components for your office network. Put your server room cabling job in good hands – we always use neat labels, dress our cables well, and clearly document data locations.

Voice & Data Cabling

Whether your voice and data cabling travels through ceilings, conduit, through warehouses, or into cubicles, you can be sure to have neat and professionally installed and dressed cables running through your commercial building. From standard Cat5 and Cat6, to plenum cables and even fiber optics, New Life Telecom will install your telecommunications cabling throughout your small to large commercial building on time and on budget. You just won’t find a data cabling contractor that cares about their work as much as New Life Telecom does.

Terminating & Testing

We terminate, label, and test all our cables with care. You won’t ever see a crooked label or switched up jack with us on the job! We test and certify each line and port so you can count on a 100% successful installation every time.

Fiber Optics Installation & Termination

If you’re running any amount of fiber on your job, you’ll want a fiber optics cabling company that really knows what they’re doing. Trust New Life Telecom to run your fiber, terminate and test professionally and accurately.

Fiber optics cabling can sometimes be challenging, but an experienced fiber cabling contractor like New Life Telecom can make the job go smoothly. Call or email us about your fiber job today!

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Hosted Phone System Installation & VoIP

Hosted (On Site) Phone Systems

While many new businesses choose to use a VoIP system for their telephone system management, many businesses still choose an on site hosted phone system. New Life Telecom can assist companies with telephone system management, database creation, etc. Call us today to discuss your phone system needs.


VoIP systems are a great choice for many companies. If you’re not sure where to start and need some help considering a VoIP system, contact New Life Telecom and we’ll be happy to help you through the process.

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