sacramento cabling for reconfiguring office phone and data lines

How messy is your office cabling, now?

Have all the pandemic changes to your office environment left your office cabling in a mess?

As businesses around the globe adjust to mass changes due to the pandemic, you may find your office empty, unorganized, or inefficient to handle your current workforce.

When we’re in survival mode we often make quick fixes here and there just to get things working long enough for us to take a breath. With employees transitioning to home offices and then being called back in again to work in person, it’s reasonable that your office cabling may end up causing you some issues.

It’s Time To Clean Up Your Server Room

Network patch cables can often become switched here and there by well-meaning people trying to get things working in a pinch. You may have switched to a vOIP system to streamline voicemail efficiency. Your wireless access points may be not meeting the increased demand. Some businesses even found themselves slapping together surveillance systems to keep their offices safe during temporary vacancies.

As we all strive to get some normalcy back into our workplaces, New Life Telecom is here to help you update and re-organize your phone &  data cabling, WAP coverage, and surveillance systems. 

If it’s time to dust out your server room and update your office cabling and telecom systems, call us or email us for a free quote and to get on our schedule. We’ll help you recover from your pandemic era office changes and plan for a brighter future.

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sacramento cabling for reconfiguring office phone and data lines
Your office has changed since the pandemic – is your cabling a mess now?
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